This report asserts that students require a broad array of skills, attitudes, character traits, and values to success in school, careers, and life. These competencies include paying attention, setting goals, collaboration, and the necessity of planning for the future. Learners also require attitudes such as internal motivation, perseverance, and a sense of purpose. According to the report, values are also essential, including responsibility, honesty, and integrity.

It is also essential for students to develop the skills now required within the 21st century workplace, including the capacity to work in diverse teams, grapple with difficult problems, and adjust to rapid change. Throughout the report, the writers revisit the theme of “how learning happens” and what educators can do to maximize this process.

Key recommendations include: (1) Set a clear vision that broadens the definition of student success to prioritize the whole child; (2) Transform learning settings so they are safe and supportive for all young people; (3) Change instruction to teach social, emotional, and cognitive skills, embedding them in academics and school wide practices; (4) Build adult expertise in child development; (5) Align resources and leverage partners in the community to address the whole child; and (6) Forge closer connections between research and practice.

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