The Dallas Independent School district emphasizes the importance of reimagining the school day to better address the needs of both students and staff. This power point identifies specific high-impact strategies to accelerate and enrich learning, strengthen whole child supports, and reimagine the job of teaching.

Because of Texas state legislation and related funding, Dallas and all other school districts in the state will have almost 10,000 additional minutes in the next school year, including 90 minutes of weekly teacher collaboration, 45 minutes of daily intervention for students, and 30 minutes of daily small group SEL and advisory sessions.

Key requirements include the following: (1) Start and end times should remain consistent each day; (2) Schools must provide at least four hours of instructional minutes on any full day or at least two hours on any designated half-day; (3) Schools are responsible for addressing certain standards by the end of each semester with allowances for adjusted pacing and content delivery; and (4) Schools must designate days for teacher planning and professional development during which students are not present.

Key strategies emphasized in this power point include changes to: (1) student experience (e.g., small group instruction, targeted support for focus grades, project-based learning, and SEL supports); (2) shifting staff roles and responsibilities (e.g., promoting leadership of highly effective teachers, differentiating support for novice teachers, and leveraging non-instructional staff to lower group size at targeted moments throughout the day; and (3) additional supports and professional learning (e.g., increased planning time, opportunities for collaborative planning with teachers who share content and/or students; and more frequent informal observation and coaching).

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